Crossmark Policy Page


The "Economics Journal" is committed to maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the scientific content it publishes. The Crossmark policy aims to inform our readers about changes in the published articles and ensure that they maintain access to the most current and accurate version.


This policy applies to all articles published in the "Economics Journal", including research articles, reviews, editorials, and comments.

Identification of Changes and Updates

The journal uses the Crossmark system to inform readers about significant updates to the articles we publish. These include corrections, retractions, expressions of concern, and other significant modifications.

Types of Changes Corrections:

Will be made when significant errors that affect the interpretation or validity of the article are identified, but do not invalidate the work as a whole.

Retractions: Will be carried out in cases of serious errors or findings of scientific misconduct, such as plagiarism or data falsification. Read the retraction policy here.

Updates: Will be published to reflect significant advances or developments related to the original research.

Notification Process

When a significant update is made to an article, it will be notified through the Crossmark system. Readers will be able to view the change history by clicking on the Crossmark icon present in the article. In addition, a notification will be sent to the authors, reviewers, and the academic community as appropriate.

Access to Previous Versions

The "Economics Journal" will keep all previous versions of the articles accessible along with the most recent version. Each version will have its own DOI identifier and a note explaining the nature of the update.

Commitment to Transparency

We commit to acting quickly and transparently in correcting errors and updating the content we publish. We encourage our readers, authors, and reviewers to report any concerns about the integrity of our content.