About the Journal

About the Journal

Economics Journal is a semi-annual scientific journal that seeks to disseminate the results of relevant research in the broad field of economics.

Aim and Scope

Economics Journal is the scientific double-blind peer reviewed journal issued twice a year that aims to cover all the main areas of economics, such as:

  • socio-economic challenges of sustainable development;
  • world economy and international economic relations;
  • human and State development in modern economy;
  • economic theory;
  • finance, money circulation and credit;
  • accounting, analysis and audit;
  • innovation and innovative activities;
  • mathematical and instrumental methods of economics;
  • labor economics and human resources management;
  • economic security.

We have directed our efforts to serve researchers from all countries of the world.

Economics Journal is published in electronic format.

Economics Journal is an Open Access journal, which means that it is free for access, reading, search, download, distribution and reuse in any medium only for non-commercial purposes.