Influence of innovative factors on the development process of modern multicomponent economic systems


economic systems, innovative economy, innovative activity of enterprises, public-private partnership, innovative planning, high-tech enterprises.

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Novikov, S. V. (2020). Influence of innovative factors on the development process of modern multicomponent economic systems. Economics Journal, 2(3), 4–13.


The article is devoted to the development of methods for the development of modern economic systems, taking into account the influence of various groups of innovative factors. The structural elements of the innovative economy and features of the stability of modern economic systems are revealed, and the main types of stability and ways to increase it are determined. The object of study is multicomponent economic systems are industrial enterprises that are directly affected by various innovative development factors. It has been determined that the increase in scientific and technical information through its acquisition in the production process involves the modernization of production and advanced training of workers, which in turn leads to a change in the factors of production. In Russia, the problem of investing in the innovation sector of the economy is now very urgent and is associated with a number of reasons: absence or weak development of the innovation infrastructure; distrust of potential investors in Russia and enterprises in its regions; need for significant modernization of the country's economy, technical and technological re-equipment of enterprises; lack of sectoral funding (especially R&D), etc. There is the technique that allows effectively carrying out various planning and innovative development processes at high-tech enterprises in modern economic conditions. It has been established that product technological innovations due to more efficient use of equipment, materials and partial changes in technology, make it possible to obtain an improved product.


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