Modern innovative marketing technologies’ practical tools analysis as a way to increase the high-technology enterprises’ competitiveness

  • Andrey A. Sazonov Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Moscow, Russia.
Keywords: enterprise’s competitiveness, industrial innovation, marketing of innovations, novelty marketing, technologies in innovation.


The article is devoted to the features’ study of the modern innovative technologies use in the marketing sphere, in order to establish the possibilities that allow modern industrial enterprises to increase their competitiveness level. The authors highlighted the theoretical and methodological foundations for modern innovative technologies application in the marketing sphere necessary for organizing the integrated management process of enterprise’s competitiveness indicators. The key features incident to modern marketing of innovations are determined. The lateral marketing improvement directions as a methodology for marketing approaches development and implementation in the company's activities to increase its efficiency in the competitive market environment formation for the production and sale of goods in modern economic conditions are considered. The main innovative marketing complex components are highlighted. The issues related to research in the innovative products’ marketing research field and forecasting the markets’ development are considered. The role played by modern marketing research in the scenario planning mechanisms’ development is determined. The factors that can have a significant impact on the industrial enterprises’ innovative activity indicators are structured. At the end of the article, the authors concluded that the current economic development level makes it possible to define innovation as a unique asset capable of qualitatively influencing the modern industrial enterprises’ competitiveness main indicators, which in turn will lead to the fundamentally new products, services and technologies emergence.


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Author Biography

Andrey A. Sazonov, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Moscow, Russia.

PhD in Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of Department of Management and Marketing of High-Tech Industries, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Moscow, Russia.


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