Perspectives of the development of digital transformation of economy and industrial complex in the Russian Federation


digital transformation, company development, industrial development, advanced technologies, digitalization of industrial complex, digital economy.

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Novikov, S. V., & Sazonov, A. A. (2020). Perspectives of the development of digital transformation of economy and industrial complex in the Russian Federation. Economics Journal, 2(3), 34–45.


The article is dedicated to reviewing dominant perspectives of developing of economics’ digital transformation processes and industrial complex of the Russian Federation. The goal of the research, given in this article, is connected with the state of methodological approach to estimation of digital complex transformation process in terms of deep insight of digital technologies (DT) into real sector. Digital transformation of such poly-structural system with a significant number of vertical and horizontal connections, as Russian industrial complex, is a rather positive process, including some consecutive stages. There are defined priority blocks for actualization and increasing the strategy of digital transformation in 2021. There is consecutive process of making industrial complex digitalization process. There are typical profiles of digital companies’ readiness. There are changes of organizational structure in digital transformation. There is a model of digital transformation on the basis of «Product-driven corporate transformation». We defined long-term perspectives of development of digital industry and economics’ transformation in Russia Federation. In conclusion of the article the authors pointed out terms of reducing the break in technological and economical lag of the Russian Federation from other countries.


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